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Introducing SleepIsle

Who likes to wake up to those irritating and threatening alarms? or to stare at those scary ceilings the entire night waiting to fall asleep? We all desire happy and GOOD MORNINGS. Don’t you worry! We are here at your rescue. No more sleepless night and irritated mornings…Yes! it’s true. We with Sleeplsle are here to provide you a fresh start of the day and have a good morning . Sleeplsle is the only application that improves your sleep efficiency by playing dreamy melodies to help you fall asleep at the right time and also helps you to wake up slowly by smooth music. Moreover, it effectively monitors your sleep statistics like your sleep cycles, sleep stages, calories burned, yes you do burn those extra calories while sleeping! , and the time since asleep. You just need to launch the application and then Sleeplsle does it all for you, from helping you to have an effective and improved sleep to waking up fresh and helping you to have a good morning. There is no application that does it all for you in a combined package..

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Waking up at any time made the easiest! SleepIsle analyzes your sleep and wakes you in your twilight zone.

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Background mode

Set your alarm and start sleeping – even if you wake up anytime at night, you can know at which sleep stage and in which sleep cycle you woke up

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Health App Integration

Fully integrated with the Health app introduced in iOS8. Submits heart rate for your better analysis in forms of graphs, averages etc.

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Bluetooth Speaker Support

Simulate a natural way to sleep by connecting to ceiling / room bluetooth speakers

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Founder & CEO

Revisiting my summer vacation days, while my fellows played, travelled, and engaged in summer camps, my favorite pastime was sleeping. Sleeping 10-hours a day, I was inevitably categorized as a sleepy head. However, my fascination towards sleep was not restricted only to my cushioned bed’s comfort but it also intrigued me to investigate the importance of sleep and its significance in our lives. The results I obtained from my investigation on the sleeping trends around the world were dangerously alarming. According to dignified reports, about 80% Americans are denied adequate sleep, thereby making a major chunk of the citizenry impatient, While most classified 8-hour sleep as ample, my outlook differed especially when I witnessed my inability to wake-up afresh at the alarm’s first bleep. This led me to found SleepIsle and that is how SleepIsle came into existence



  • Tes2

    Andrea Conrad

    I love Sleepsle. I do feel that I fall asleep faster to the sound of its melodies & it is a pleasure to be awaken by soft melodies rather than a buzzing or beeping sound.

  • Tes5

    Anushk Mittal

    Yes, I am the developer of the App, and I use SleepIsle daily. It has had profound effect on my day life and has greatly improved my sleep efficiency.

  • Tes4

    Jean roll

    I waited long for an app like this and I love SleepIsle a lot. It leverages the latest watchOS 2 technology and I simply love using it.

Our Vision

Sleeplsle is the need of the hour. Current generations and the next generations are very much prone to sleep disorders which is causing low concentration power in the youth. Irritability and lack of patience is also very commonly observed. All this is because of lack of proper sleep. Reports establish that over 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with the sleep they get and another 60% wished if they knew how to improve their sleep efficiency. We with sleeplsle want to cure this major problem. SleepIsle’s mission is to change the way we sleep today. SleepIsle utilizes your sleep time to monitor your sleep stage and sleep cycle to wake you in the Twilight Zone, when you can wake up feeling fresh and ready for the challenges of the day. SleepIsle is developed keeping in mind the latest research in the field of sleep medicine, and is meant to monitor your sleep.A youth that sleeps well, eats well works well. Sleeplsle is the easiest way to cure this problem. No medications, no treatments, just download SleepIsle that does it all for you!

Science of Sleep


And More Features...

Adaptive design

SleepIsle is made ready for all screen sizes and fully supports watchOS 2…

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Heart rate monitor

SleepIsle measures your sleeping heart rate throughout the night and records all the data…

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Sleep aid

SleepIsle helps you fall asleep. The intelligent mode plays dreamy melodies throughout your 1st sleep cycle’s N1 sleep stage.. (the light sleep stage)

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Track Burned Calories

Yes, you do burn those extra calories while sleeping! SleepIsle displays the amount of calories burned while you sleep..

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