How much sleep do I need ?


“The amount of sleep we require is what we need not to be sleepy in day time”
First, here are a few fun facts about sleep:
• The average person gets 7.5 hours sleep
• Infants get on average 14 hours sleep
• Seniors get on average 6 hours sleep
• Before the invention of electric lights, humans slept
for 9 hours on average
• When all cues to time of day are removed (pitch black), humans sleep about 10.3 hours
The sleep needed by a person to feel refreshed varies from person to person and also on at what stage of sleep they wake up. The average sleep for a normal person is completing 3-5 sleeping cycles which is about 7-8 hours of sleep. A person who only gets 4 cycles of undisturbed sleep (6 hours) will actually be much more rested than a person who has slept for 8-10 hours but who has not been allowed to complete any one cycle because of being awakened before it was completed. If you are in Stage 1 of sleep, it is very easy to wake up.