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SleepIsle today released support for CareKit™, an awesome platform that enables people to actively manage their sleep efficiency. The iPhone® app makes it easier than ever for individuals to keep track of their sleep care plan and monitor activities that significantly affect sleep efficiency. SleepIsle also provides insights that help people better compare and contrast different activities to their mood post sleep.

“I am excited to showcase a really creative way of using CareKit and ResearchKit outside the hospitals genre to enable more individuals to be in charge of their sleep irrespective of their physical locations.”, said Anushk, Founder SleepIsle.

The questionnaire built using the ResearchKit framework provide a simple and elegant means of asking information related to caffeine, alcohol and other significant factors that affect the quality of sleep. Along with an in-app integration of these great platforms, SleepIsle also uses HealthKit to be fully compatible with the native Health App and provides sleep analysis data to compare time asleep vs in-bed.

SleepIsle, a universal application for iOS, watchOS and tvOS platforms, is a one-stop solution to manage 1/3rd of your life spent sleeping. From tips to help you stay awake and fall asleep to nature videos that simulate natural surrounding, there’s everything that you need to improve your sleep efficiency. It’s easier than ever to understand the science behind sleep and know the geeky stuff behind sleep like sleep stages, cycles, and Heart Rate along with calories burned throughout the sleep. Moreover, the Apple Push Notifications through SleepIsle help you maintain a regular meal pattern that can significantly influence the ease with which you fall asleep. Of course, you can’t relax with a heavy or upset stomach.

We have innovated a unique feature that use AI bot with machine learning to chat with users in a more natural manner. The bot helps you feel motivated and inspired before going to sleep, thereby helping you with sweeter dreams. The bot is also available on the Messenger Platform to try for free. It’s a bliss for entrepreneurs and innovators who are in dearth of inspiration where the real work is done when asleep.

Sleepisle aims to change the way we sleep today and improve people’s daytime productivity and efficiency to make the world a better place. Our mission is to make people empowered enough to be in-charge of their sleep and ensure that everyone gets a good nights sleep. We use the latest technologies like Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch and Messenger Platform to reach users in unique ways that can have a profound effect on their lives.

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