Why sleep matters ?

Have you ever pulled an all nighter? Attending a friends party or a movie marathon ? or just working all night long ?
Most of you must have , due to the changing ways of lifestyles we generally tend to pull off all nighters. Could you obverse Grumpiness, Grogginess, Irritability and Forgetfulness in your behavior ? probably must have .
SO, after just one night of skipping sleep we feel difficult to concentrate. So isn’t it clear that sleep is very IMPORTANT!
We have to sleep because it is essential in maintaining normal level of cognitive skills such as speech, memory, innovative thinking , rapid decision making and memory.
Sleep deprived individuals not only suffer with diseases like Exxon valdez , chernobyl but also face emotional and physical health problems. Sleep loss increases the risk of obesity and also high blood pressure. To stay healthy and fit and function properly, a nice and smooth sleep with no external disturbance is what we need .